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Born Kumandae Miller, meaning Highly Favored King, was blessed with the gift of music. He has been influenced by great artists such as Marvin Gaye, Charlie Wilson, Angela Winbush, Christopher Williams, Donny Hathaway, Gerald Levert, and Fred Hammond. Raised in Del Paso Heights, a community of Sacramento, California, Kumandae's street experience left him in the middle of a shooting between the crips and bloods. This near death experience propelled Kumandae's journey to better himself through education and sports. With a passion for sports, his hard work and dedication lead him to be drafted into the San Francisco Giants and later the Florida Marlins professional baseball teams. After building his career in baseball, Kumandae felt a spiritual calling leading him to a profession in music. As a singer and songwriter, Kumandae signed with Fo' Life Records, an independent label in Phoenix, Arizona in 2000. In the years following, he worked on various projects with artist and producers such as Christopher Williams, Angela Winbush, Saliah Williams of Carnival Beats, Battle Cat, Swizz Beats, Brian Wilson, Jagged Edge, Avant, Genuine, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J.

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Michael Jeffries, Daughter & Son - Family Affair

Michael Jeffries, Daughter & Son - Family Affair

Joined by Daughter, Anikol, and Son Mike J, former Tower Of Power lead singer Michael Jeffries is sending out a positive message wrapped in a very pleasing melody. You will find yourself singing along right from the start!

Michael Jeffries was born in Memphis on August 16th 1954. The family moved to Oakland, California in 1962. Michael began his love for music at a young age teaming up with elementary school classmates to form a group that later would become “The Two Things In One” The group had major local success with two singles featuring Michael as lead vocalist “Silly Song” 1971 And “ Together Forever “ 1973. During the early 70’s as front man for the group Michael opened for Earth Wind & Fire, War, Bill Crosby, Funkadelic and a host of other acts. In 1977 Michael was recruited by The Bay areas own Tower Of Power as their lead singer and recorded 4 albums with the band ‘’ We Came To Play CBS 1978, “ Back On The Street “ 1979, Sheffield Labs Direct to disk live 1981 and Dinosaur Tracks in 2003. In 1986 Michael co wrote the billboard top 10 single “ Never Say Never “ for songstress Denise Williams and appeared on the Wildcat’s soundtrack singing the song “ Razzle Dazzle”. In 1987 Michael appeared along with Karyn White as a featured vocalist on Jeff Lorbers “ Private Passion CD. Michael released his first solo CD in 1989 on Warner Bros with tracks produced by Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Hi this is Michael,

I’d like to take you on a tour of how I fell in love with making music. Since I was just young lad music was always around, the radio was always on and the popular songs of the day provided the background and sometimes the foreground to everyday life. My uncles and aunts were teenagers and I live my life looking up to them and trying to understand it all. This was the golden age of the Motown sound and the Memphis sound, it was an era when Radio Dj’s were stars and people would tune in to listen to what the top jocks played. With all the great music coming from Motown and Memphis I had plenty to grow on. But while watching ED Sullivan I got a glimpse of what would push me into action, James Brown. That night on Ed Sullivan I saw something that would not allow me to sit still, I got up and started skating around imitating what I saw James Brown doing and I was his newest 8-year-old fan! With a mirror and a brush for a microphone I skated and hollered until my parents thought I was good enough for half time entertainment at some of their house parties! I would get so excited when I would here them tell their party guest that I was really good at doing the James Brown they would then come and get me to give a impromptu performance and then back to my room out of grown folks business. I looked forward to those opportunities and I'd never shy away from the slightest request.

All this James Brown craze lead me to the record store with my 50 cents to buy I Feel Good. I played that record until the grooves wore thin! I thought I would die when my mother took me to see the Man Himself Live at the Oakland Coliseum in 1966. James blew my top off and I haven’t been able to get it back on every since. Source Cd Baby

1 - Don't Forget 2 Say I Love U
2 - Make Sum
3 - U Be the Reason
4 - A Love From Above
5 - Family Affair
6 - Can't You Feel It
7 - Rewrite
8 - Mother's Love
9 - Plans
10 - Journey On A Butterfly
11 - The Best
12 - Beileve In Me

Supernatural Love - Jaafar

  • Genres: R&B/Soul, Music
  • Released: 17 December 2010

Jaafar "Superstar"

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Noel Gourdin : Fresh: The Definition

01. In Love
02. Puppet
03. Beautiful
04. Brand New (Fresh)
05. Not Around
06. Been A Long Time
07. Only You
08. Save Your Love
09. Change For You
10. Assurance Policy
11. Young Love
12. Sex In The City
13. No Regrets
14. Wanna Get Close (iTunes Bonus Tracks)