Thursday, 24 February 2011

Breakin' DA' Artist

Breakin' DA' Artist - Southern Hotel, Mauldeth Road West, Chorlton, Manchester M21 7SP
5th March - Live Neo-Soul & Hip-Hop With Special Perforance from Canada - AKA Subliminal! + the beautiful voice of Juliette & The UK U-Turn Family + 3 DJs. The Southern Hotel, Mauldeth Road West, Doors open 8.30pm Finishes 3am
Tickets on sale now @ Chorlton. M21 7SP

Friday, 18 February 2011

MARCELL: Marcell Unplugged - Live @ the Senator

1 - Can't Wait Live
2 - Wish You Were Here Live
3 - You Saved Me Live
4 - Seed You Water Live
5 - All I Know Live
6 - Greatest Love Live
7 - Greatest Love-The Vibe Live
8 - Scared To Love You Live
9 - Symbols Live

This is the most awarded Independent Soul artist to come out of Baltimore to date. What's so impressive is most of Marcell's successes have come from good old fashion hard work. He's style was hard for local promoters and industry agents to embrace the first few years of his career so Marcell began to promoted himself. He built an email base of thousands, one hand shake at a time. He began designing everything from his website to his album covers. He developed his own “luck”. After a few major regional venues began to have consistent filled seats through the labor of Marcell and a handful of his believers and supporters it was clear his vision and drive was making him a movement.

Whispers about Marcell are getting louder daily as promoters and booking agents are starting to view him as a brand and a force to recognize. It's hard to research regional artists in the Tri-state without seeing articles, e-flyers or newsletters about Marcell and his long time band of musicians "the Truth". He is one of the few artists that draws people to hear him rather than the usual "soul" performances where singers gather crowds to hear the cool standards from the great entertainers of yesterday. Audiences are showing up in hundreds and sometimes thousands to hear what Marcell has to say through his own soul. His performances are known to be more of an experience rather just a show, ladies and gentlemen...Marcell. (Source: CD Baby)

My Opinion: Fantastic album! Love the live performances, well worth a purchase!

Jazy - Letters To A King

Some great covers, including Anita baker's classic, "Sweet Love" & Sade's "No Ordinary Love"

Advert by Chris Crates @ Radio Meltdown


Celebrating the birthday of DJ Niceness (Neo2Soul promotions) and the launch of BREAKIN DA ARTISTS, a live music event to show case independent vocalists and musicians with performances from aka SUBLIMINAL (Toronto) and U Turn Family artists. There’s free Mix CD give aways on the night, Raffle-Photo with the artists + autographed albums and DJ support from DJ Niceness (Neo2Soul Promotions), Stevie4real (Breakfast Soul Beats show) and Chris Crates (Radio Meltdown)

Music on the night: Neo/Alternative soul/ Jazz / Studio one/Roots Rockers Reggae. Somethin for all .
Early bird Tickets £10:00 before Feb 19th and £12:50 after.
The Southern Hotel, Manchester, M21 7SP
Ticketline: HERE

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Canada: Black History Month February 2011

CLC Celebrates Black History Month 2011

Posted: Friday, 28 January 2011

Their faces are all around us.

Their talent, skills and experience have made our lives, our work, and our communities better.

They are members of the black diaspora.

Across the country, unions are made stronger by stewards, occupational health and safety representatives, collective bargaining negotiators, facilitators, staff and leaders who are also members of the black community.

Their contributions, skills, and experience make us all stronger.

February is Black History Month and the United Nations has announced 2011 to be the International Year of African Ancestry – both important moments for the labour movement to commemorate and honour the contributions of this part of our movement.

Individuals like Bromley Armstrong who left Jamaica in 1947 and made Canada his home, deserve to be recognized this month.

Bromley was a committed union activist who fought to improve conditions for workers. His contributions helped to bring about legislation in the 1950’s designed to end discrimination against blacks.

Bromley’s legacy continues today with many more black trade unionists working in every sector of the economy, in every community across the country striving to improve our working conditions and make our communities healthier, stronger, more inclusive and just for all.

Globally, members of the black diaspora struggle for democracy and empowerment in the Ivory Coast and in Sudan. Others courageously and persistently rebuild their country in Haiti. And everywhere, workers join with this community to end economic apartheid.

The Canadian Labour Congress celebrates Black History Month and this important year for those of African ancestry.

Their contributions make us all better.

A.K.A. Subliminal Interview 2010

A.K.A. Subliminal Interview 2010

This is the full interview I held in Manchester with Sean Mauricette AKA Subliminal late last year.

I hope you enjoy this in its entirety.

AKA Subliminal comes to Manchester on 5th March for a night of Beat Box, Rapping & spoken word along side artists the UK U turn Family, including the wonderful voice of Juliette. Please see the adverts for this event on my Blog and Facebook.

I have to say that I have never met such a great guy with so many amazing qualities. The man is so gifted musicaly and poetically. Sub is the geniuine article, the "real deal!" and just a wonderful human being. It was an honour to meet him and I feel privalleged to hear him call me a friend.
I wish hm a world of continued success!

BreakfastBeats Show @PeaceFm 90.1 on 5th Feb. 2011

Stevie4reals BreakfastBeats Show @PeaceFm 90.1 on 5th Feb. 2011:

Lenny Hamilton Jr - So Good To Me - WAYOUT: Portfolio Vol. 1 - 2010
Ande' - Let It Happen - Let It Happen - 2011
Joonie - Delilah - Acoustic Love - 2010
Laura Luke - Beautiful Mistake - Single Mother Chronicles - 2010
Michaux (Mica Soul) - What's Going On - What's Going On...Still... - 2010
Samantha Cardwell - The Way You Love Me - The Way You Love Me - 2010
Delasha - All My Life - Delasha - E.P. Collectible - 2010
DaChonne Nicole - Tomorrow - Livin' My Life - 2010
Aaron Camper - Second Thought feat Brandy - Welcome to My World- The Mixtape - 2011
Breeze - Gravity - The Sound of Breeze - 2011
Da Liberal Soul - Her Pain - Her Pain - 2011
Kyra Climbingbear - What Loves About - Branches: A compilation of Originals & Features - 2010
Elliot Luv - Run & Hide - Single - 2010
Emily King - Down - East Side Story - Drop Date TBC - 2011
Dw3 - I Got You (Feat. Gerald Albright) - On The Floor - 2011
Egheosa - Feels So Good - Feels So Good - 2011
Mama's Gun - Let's Find A Way (DJ Mitsu The Beats Remix) - Routes To Riches - 2009
Dilys - What I Want (Without Rap) - What I Want (Without Rap) - 2011
Mara Hruby - Send it On - From Her Eyes(Mastered) - 2011
Dw3 - On The Floor - On The Floor - 2011
Laura Luke - Petty Reasons (feat. Jaafar) - Single Mother Chronicles - 2010
Vimel - Slide - Euphoric - 2010
Kelly Price feat. Stokley - Not My Daddy - Kelly - 2011
Emmanuel Lewis - always yours - untitied - 2010
Stephanie Mills - Whatcha gonna do with my lovin - Watcha gonna do with my lovin - 1979
Liberty Silver - All In My Mind (Bonus Track) - Groove Symphony - 2010
Cradle Orchestra - Married to the Game feat. Cl Smooth & Jean Curley - Tarnscended Elements - 2010
Lisa Michelle - Love You Better - Rebound - 2011
Joonie - So Fly - Acoustic Love - 2010
Marvin Gaye - Ain't That Peculiar (SoulP & Neil Tomo's Summer Madness Mix) - promo mix - 2010
Mary J. Blige - Come Go With Me - Unreleased promo - 2000
Mint Condition - Caught My Eye - Caught My Eye (radio single) - 2011
Rhonda Thomas - The Light remix v1.5 orig 2010 - single - 2011
Slakah The Beatchild - Down - Something Forever - 2010
Dessy Di Lauro - Why U Raggin'? - Why U Raggin'? - 2010
Musiq Soulchild Feat. Swizz Beatz - Anything (Clean) - MonsterMondays - 2011
Carmen Liana - Luv Me 4 Ever - Luv Me 4 Ever - 2009
Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle - Tell Me Why - Golden Lady - 2011
Russoul - Love & Lust - People Need Love - 2010
Joselyn Parker (Herb Middltn) - I S.P.E.A.K. - Read My Magazine - Drop Date TBC - 2011
Nicole Michell - Need To Know - No Suicide - Be Aware, Show You Care Project - 2010
Lisa Zure Ft. Jon Pecos] - Sweet Fruit (Remix 2.1) - single cd baby - 2010
Rahsaan Patterson - Stop Breaking My Heart - Soul Lounge 6: 40 Soulful Grooves - 2009
24 Carat Black - The Best Of Good Love Gone - Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday - 2009

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Breaking DA' Artist
With Talent From Canada & The UK

Guest artists A.K.A. Subliminal and The U Turn Project Family
Supporting DJ's : DJ Niceness, Chris Crates & Stevie4real

BREAKIN DA ARTIST will be a place where artists can jam with people It also acts as an springboard to expose up and coming independent and unsigned , musicians, poets, producers, & people in general, positively involved in Urban Music Culture.
We are here to provide the avenues for underground independent and unsigned artists to have their music heard and connect with their fans. We need to come together and support this cause.
Let us show them that we are supporters of REAL music, come and make a difference, and turn this industry around!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Joselyn Parker - S.P.E.A.K.

Marvin Gaye "Ain't That Peculiar" (SoulP & Neil Tomo's Summer Madness Mix)

Geo-AnotherSideofMe - 2011


“Geo”, short for George, hails from a very musically talented family. His mother is the Director of Music for her church; his sister is the extremely talented Cheryl Lynn, who is most noted for her hit “Got To Be Real”. His other sister has sung with various notable artists, including Jennifer Holiday. “Geo” has been fortunate to experience up close and personal, the musical expertise of some of the world’s greatest composers, producers and musicians (i.e. Cheryl Lynn, Luther Vandross, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Ray Parker Jr., Whitney Houston, The Whispers and many more).

He began his musical development at a very early age, and has progressed into quite an accomplished musician. While much of his experience comes from offering his gifts in church, he has been able to cultivate his gospel roots into a very neo-soul style of music. His music is flavorful, meaningful and passionate. When you listen to “Geo’s” music, you can hear him in each selection. It’s as if the notes and words are extensions of his very soul.

“Geo” would say that he just wants to share with others, the music that brings him so much joy to create. It’s his gift to those who need the right music, for the right situation. After 20 years of supporting others musically and vocally, he produced his first praise and worship CD in 2007. Now four years later he has completed his latest 17 song CD project entitled, “Another Side of Me”. This CD has both vocal and instrumental selections. Its genre is Light Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop, which he affectionately calls Jazz & B-Hop. “Geo” is married with 3 lovely children, and resides in the DC area.(Source: CD Baby)

Track List:

1 - Long Ago
2 - Strangher
3 - Mystery
4 - My Love
5 - Shallah
6 - Interlude
7 - Love Wire
8 - Just Like That
9 - Whitney
10 - Mello
11 - Walk Away
12 - Traffic
13 - Coastal
14 - Love Is On The Rize
15 - Shake Yo Bootay
16 - I love You
17 - A Somber Moment

Dw3 - On The Floor - 2011

Original Release Date: 25 Jan 2011
Label: Rkd Music Management

Track list:

1. Intro

2. On The Floor (A Stevie Pick)

3. If I Never Told You 4:00

4. I Got You (Feat. Gerald Albright) (A Stevie Pick)

5. Never Met A Girl Like You

6. Dw3 (Midtro)

7. Out On A Limb

8. Yes

9. Take Me (Feat. Paul Brown)

10. Rain

11. I Like

12. Dw3 (Altro)

13. Rain (Acoustic Bonus Version)

Dw3 - I Got You (Feat. Gerald Albright)

Dw3 - On The Floor

Laura Luke - Single Mother Chronicles - 2010

Musician, Mother, Singer, Survivor…Laura Luke is far from your average entertainer. She’s a 21st century force to be reckoned with that packs the powerful punch of jazz, pop and hip hop laced with lyrical legitimacy only birthed from the joys and struggles of life.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Laura Luke (born Laura Mae Coleman), penned her first poetic prose at age six and discovered her talent for writing and singing at age eight. She grew up singing in churches around the state with her sisters as part of their gospel group known as “Holiness is Right”. It was during this time that the budding musician also honed her passion for trumpet playing, jazz and the spotlight with the late Jothan Callins as a part of the legendary Birmingham Youth Jazz Ensemble. “Mr. Callins was so special, so important to the young musicians in our community. He taught me my first vocal jazz tune "Solitude" and pushed me out in front of the band,” said Laura.

Laura Luke's budding romance with jazz and newfound confidence set the stage for her emergence as a lead vocalist. As with most artists, as she matured, so did the subject matter of Laura Luke’s music. In 2003, Laura decided to write music that fit her lifestyle as an adult. She explains, "I loved God deeply and still do, but it‘s important for me to live and write truthfully. I needed to write about my life and the human emotions of the average person."

After six years of marriage, childbirth, divorce, and job loss Luke had a story to tell and the right voice to tell it. Laura’s heavily anticipated debut album “Single Mother Chronicles” was released in 2010. With R&B singles like "Beautiful Mistake" and "Extra Extra" the message of joy, struggle, and triumph found on “Single Mother Chronicles” is appreciated by mothers and appealing to many. “I have done what no other artist before me has done in dedicating my entire debut album to the single mother. My mission is to use my music to motivate the masses to understand the needs of the single mother,” said Laura Luke.

Laura Luke dazzles crowds regularly at various venues and events. She has also opened for international artists Donnell Jones & Julie Dexter. "Single Mother Chronicles", dubbed "pop jazz", is NOW AVAILABLE at and iTunes worldwide.

Laura Luke - Petty Reasons feat. Jaafar