Sunday, 13 March 2011

Deirdre Gaddis - Life in The Key of Dei

There is something to be said about simplicity. It renders no extravagance but rather presents ‘essence’ in an unequivocal, raw, and untainted form. And if the heart matters, then by way of this simple mechanism does Deirdre “Dei” Gaddis render her gifts and talents. Reflecting upon her life to this point, Dei says, “My life has proved to be difficult at times, happy at others, and sometimes just more than I cared to have to deal with… But when I look at where I’ve been, the place where I am now, and where I know God can take me, I laugh. I laugh at the devil for thinking that he could take me. If there is one thing I could say to sum it all up, it’s never give up on your dream.”
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Dei has been chasing the dream since age 8. Dei says, “Music has always been my release. It allows me to escape the pressures of reality and enter into a haven of peace even when life would dictate otherwise…”

Dei’s music is set to inspire a generation of dreamers. She writes of her own life experiences both good and bad… “Everything I’ve been through has helped me to become what and who I am today. There’s always someone else who’s taken a couple of the same twists and turns in life that you have. That’s why my music reaches so many… they can identify with it.”
Deirdre recently signed with BLG Music Group and became part of the 111 East. She released her first single in December 2010, Her much anticipated project, “The Key of Dei” is scheduled for release in early March 18th 2011. Keep your eyes open for the sultry sound of Ms. Gaddis coming to a radio and venue near you!

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Song Title Time

Play 1. For Me 4:22

Play 2. We Just Can't Say Goodbye 4:19

Play 3. This Funky Ride Of Life 3:58

Play 4. What Are We Gonna Do 4:43

Play 5. That I Am 5:39

Play 6. Yes, Yes, Yes 4:28

Play 7. Here I Am 4:32

Play 8. You 4:25

Play 9. Complete 5:09

Play 10. Woman 3:44

Play 11. Temptation

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