Sunday, 13 March 2011

T.R.A.C. - The Network (produced by Marc Mac)

Drop Date: April 25th on BBE

T.R.A.C. was the featured MC on Lewis Parker's underground Hip Hop hit Grand Manoeuvres. This extraordinary Brooklyn based MC currently holds residency at the legendary Webster Hall in NYC. Here's The Network, 15 tracks produced by Marc Mac, One-half of the award winning production oufit 4hero. The album has been hailed as 'the return of real undiluted Hip Hop' and is getting great support through many eclectic Hip Hop online radio stations worldwide. Through the Mc's narration the album centers around today's personal world and societies troubles. All of which are metaphorically thrown into the fantasy of a cable TV Station. Think of each song as an episode on television that you might watch complete with the news, stories, adverts, reality and... good music! Some songs were inspired by the phenomenal Network movie as well as the sending of many wave files back and forth through the broadband. The combination of Marc Mac's melodic production and T.R.A.C.'s exceptional lyrics make these compositions a very worthy and addictive listen. Like it says on "Radio Heroes" they are "here to save you from the same old things"... through "The Network".

T.R.A.C. - The Network (produced by Marc Mac)
(CD/Digital/Digital instrumental version) Barely Breaking Even BBE168ACD/BBE168ADG/BBE168IDG, 2011-04-25

Tracklisting :
01. Top Of The Morning (Intro)
02. Step Rite On In feat. Baron aka Drue Davis
03. Like The Heavens
04. Radio Heroes feat. Baron aka Drue Davis
05. Wicked City
06. Over My Shoulders
07. The Risin' feat. Baron aka Drue Davis
08. On The Inside (edition)
09. Ms Geenie feat. Stitch 7
10. Fine Tunin'
11. It's Alright feat. Jen Holland
12. Tel-lie-vision (Marc Mac intermission)
13. Somn ' For Your Ears
14. If This Ain't Music
15. For The Love (Outro)

Tracklisting 'Marc Mac - Beats From The Network' digital instrumental album :
01. Top Of The Beat
02. Step On
03. Need Stars
04. Radio Dial
05. The City
06. My Shoulders
07. Rising
08. Inside
09. Make A Wish
10. Tune In
11. Wid Me
12. Tel-lie-vision Beat
13. People (Ya Ears)
14. Skool Music
15. Love (What I'm Sayin')

Marking The Days off My Calendar For This Set.
Juno Records will have stock

The Released Single is a killa!

Step Rite On in (Feat.Baron AKA Drue Davis)

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