Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Andr'e Muhammad "Over And Over"

Andre' Muhammad - Get Up

This is the sophomore release for this artist. Spiritually conscious lyrics meets a "neo-soul" feel that he calls "Rhythm & Peace (R&P). Dre' proves with this CD that his grooves and messages in his lyrics lifts the spirit and feeds the soul.
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Andre Muhammad: Bio : Source:

It was the summer of 1991 and Andre' was the co-lead vocalist for the group trio "Brother 2 Brother". They were on the verge of securing a record deal with EMI Records. A showcase performance at Cotton Row Studio in Memphis, TN would determine if they had a deal.

Andre' had been listening to audio taped messages of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan since the summer of 1990 and began visiting the Nation of Islam's local Mosque #55 that same year. He told the group that if they didn't get signed that day he was leaving to clean his life up and return to his spiritual roots. After the performance EMI Records decided that the group needed to make a few minor changes in production and art direction before they'd sign them. Andre' walked out of Cotton Row Studio, to the church, and never looked back.

He still loved music and desired to record, so he joined a local gospel choir, "The Angelic Voices Of Faith". The choir recorded with gospel great Keith Pringle, and Andre sang and co-wrote lyrics for the Choir's debut album "A Gift To You". The message of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan was still burning in Andre's consciousness, and his desire to learn more led him to join the N.O.I. (Nation of Islam) in September 1993. He put his music and recording aspirations down for the profound truths he was learning and the mission of the N.O.I.

In 2005 at the Million Family March the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan established 9 (nine) Ministries, one of which is the " Ministry of Arts & Culture". Andre' realized that he could be of service in that ministry and began building his studio, producing his own tracks, and writing songs based on the new perspective he'd gained from what he was learning as a Muslim in the N.O.I.

On Feb. 26, 2007, after nearly 14 years away from music, Andre' released his first CD "Rhythm Of The Truth" on Andre's first CD was inspired by his role on the "Tsunami Prayer Line" during Ramadan 2006, where Muslims from around the U.S. and parts of the world called in every morning @5am EST to pray for the Hon. Louis Farrakhan's recovery from his illness. Andre' opened the prayer line with the Muslim Adhan (call to prayer) and Al Fatiha. Andre's rendition of Adhan and Al Fatiha, entitled "Prayer Time", is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on this website.

Due to the spiritually uplifting content, born out of the experience of being "enlightened", Muhammad doesn't classify his music as R&B (Rhythm & Blues). He places his music in the newly created genre of "R&P" (Rhythm & Peace). This talented artist writes, arranges, produces, records, engineers, and publishes his own music. Andre' is a completely independent artist. Muhammad scores with a fresh sound and insightful lyrics that leaves the listener uplifted and enlightened.


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