Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mara Hruby

From Her Eyes by Mara Hruby

1. StereoLab (Lose Myself) 02:28

2. Character 03:54

3. Take Off Your Cool 02:39

4. Send It On 05:58

5. Is This Love 04:09

6. Alright 04:42

7. The Panties 04:18

8. Is This Love (Unmastered) 04:10

9. Character (Unmastered) 03:54

This album introduces a new twenty-two year old artist named Mara Hruby from Oakland, CA. She arrived on the scene at the start of 2010, playing shows throughout the Bay Area, and is releasing her debut EP, From Her Eyes. Mara has worked on this album for the past nine months; she has applied her multi-talented dedication to recording, arranging, and engineering her own work. She has performed on stage, dancing and backing other artists in the Bay Area; unconsciously preparing herself for this path. She has chosen to speak through music in order to connect with those of us who love music.

During an interview with a local entertainment magazine, Mara was asked to describe her sound: “My sound/style comes from what I have experienced in life. I feel my sound is organic, distinct, melodic, eclectic, and filled with sensitivity. To say the least, I’d call my music a melodic melting pot.”

The current practice of recording “covers” of well known music by well loved artists, has led to some very creatively unique results. The surprise breakthrough of Les Nubians’ version of Sade's mellow and soulful ballad, "The Sweetest Taboo," helped their American debut album, Princesses Nubiennes, to achieve a higher position on the Billboard charts than any other French-language album had in the previous decade.

These seven tracks represent the genesis of the view “From Mara’s Eyes” of the various works of her favorite male artists. Each song is connected to a memory experience in Mara’s young life. The beauty and elegance of Van Hunt’s “Character,” Bob Marley’s love of Jah, Mos Def’s soulful poetry, AndrĂ© “3000” Benjamin’s “Take Off Your Cool,” as well as D’Angelo’s “Send It On” – are all examples of art forms from today’s exceptional musicians.

Mara Hruby is a mesmerizing artist who performs on stage with poise and grace. You will be surprised to discover how naturally her music will enter your heart.


Edited By: V. C. DeCoudreaux

Personnel: Aaron Hardin – Piano, Rhodes, Keys; Dennis Turner – Synth Bass,
Bass; JBIII – Drum Program, Acoustic Guitar, Vocoder, Effects; Jeremy Most –
Bass, Vocoder; Hadyn Blatt – Synth Bass, Aux; Mara Hruby – Vocals, Accordion;
Mike Frost – Bass, Keys, Guitar; Nate Mercereau – Electric Guitar, Guitar; Toure
Duncan – Drums
released 30 November 2010
All songs mastered by Curtis Macdonald for CMACSOUNDS
special thanks to Phantom Lover for additional mastering
Album cover artwork by Mara Hruby and Steelee Faltis

Legal Download Via Bandcamp: DOWNLOAD HERE:

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