Monday, 7 February 2011

Laura Luke - Single Mother Chronicles - 2010

Musician, Mother, Singer, Survivor…Laura Luke is far from your average entertainer. She’s a 21st century force to be reckoned with that packs the powerful punch of jazz, pop and hip hop laced with lyrical legitimacy only birthed from the joys and struggles of life.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Laura Luke (born Laura Mae Coleman), penned her first poetic prose at age six and discovered her talent for writing and singing at age eight. She grew up singing in churches around the state with her sisters as part of their gospel group known as “Holiness is Right”. It was during this time that the budding musician also honed her passion for trumpet playing, jazz and the spotlight with the late Jothan Callins as a part of the legendary Birmingham Youth Jazz Ensemble. “Mr. Callins was so special, so important to the young musicians in our community. He taught me my first vocal jazz tune "Solitude" and pushed me out in front of the band,” said Laura.

Laura Luke's budding romance with jazz and newfound confidence set the stage for her emergence as a lead vocalist. As with most artists, as she matured, so did the subject matter of Laura Luke’s music. In 2003, Laura decided to write music that fit her lifestyle as an adult. She explains, "I loved God deeply and still do, but it‘s important for me to live and write truthfully. I needed to write about my life and the human emotions of the average person."

After six years of marriage, childbirth, divorce, and job loss Luke had a story to tell and the right voice to tell it. Laura’s heavily anticipated debut album “Single Mother Chronicles” was released in 2010. With R&B singles like "Beautiful Mistake" and "Extra Extra" the message of joy, struggle, and triumph found on “Single Mother Chronicles” is appreciated by mothers and appealing to many. “I have done what no other artist before me has done in dedicating my entire debut album to the single mother. My mission is to use my music to motivate the masses to understand the needs of the single mother,” said Laura Luke.

Laura Luke dazzles crowds regularly at various venues and events. She has also opened for international artists Donnell Jones & Julie Dexter. "Single Mother Chronicles", dubbed "pop jazz", is NOW AVAILABLE at and iTunes worldwide.

Laura Luke - Petty Reasons feat. Jaafar

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