Monday, 7 February 2011

Geo-AnotherSideofMe - 2011


“Geo”, short for George, hails from a very musically talented family. His mother is the Director of Music for her church; his sister is the extremely talented Cheryl Lynn, who is most noted for her hit “Got To Be Real”. His other sister has sung with various notable artists, including Jennifer Holiday. “Geo” has been fortunate to experience up close and personal, the musical expertise of some of the world’s greatest composers, producers and musicians (i.e. Cheryl Lynn, Luther Vandross, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Ray Parker Jr., Whitney Houston, The Whispers and many more).

He began his musical development at a very early age, and has progressed into quite an accomplished musician. While much of his experience comes from offering his gifts in church, he has been able to cultivate his gospel roots into a very neo-soul style of music. His music is flavorful, meaningful and passionate. When you listen to “Geo’s” music, you can hear him in each selection. It’s as if the notes and words are extensions of his very soul.

“Geo” would say that he just wants to share with others, the music that brings him so much joy to create. It’s his gift to those who need the right music, for the right situation. After 20 years of supporting others musically and vocally, he produced his first praise and worship CD in 2007. Now four years later he has completed his latest 17 song CD project entitled, “Another Side of Me”. This CD has both vocal and instrumental selections. Its genre is Light Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop, which he affectionately calls Jazz & B-Hop. “Geo” is married with 3 lovely children, and resides in the DC area.(Source: CD Baby)

Track List:

1 - Long Ago
2 - Strangher
3 - Mystery
4 - My Love
5 - Shallah
6 - Interlude
7 - Love Wire
8 - Just Like That
9 - Whitney
10 - Mello
11 - Walk Away
12 - Traffic
13 - Coastal
14 - Love Is On The Rize
15 - Shake Yo Bootay
16 - I love You
17 - A Somber Moment

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