Friday, 18 February 2011

MARCELL: Marcell Unplugged - Live @ the Senator

1 - Can't Wait Live
2 - Wish You Were Here Live
3 - You Saved Me Live
4 - Seed You Water Live
5 - All I Know Live
6 - Greatest Love Live
7 - Greatest Love-The Vibe Live
8 - Scared To Love You Live
9 - Symbols Live

This is the most awarded Independent Soul artist to come out of Baltimore to date. What's so impressive is most of Marcell's successes have come from good old fashion hard work. He's style was hard for local promoters and industry agents to embrace the first few years of his career so Marcell began to promoted himself. He built an email base of thousands, one hand shake at a time. He began designing everything from his website to his album covers. He developed his own “luck”. After a few major regional venues began to have consistent filled seats through the labor of Marcell and a handful of his believers and supporters it was clear his vision and drive was making him a movement.

Whispers about Marcell are getting louder daily as promoters and booking agents are starting to view him as a brand and a force to recognize. It's hard to research regional artists in the Tri-state without seeing articles, e-flyers or newsletters about Marcell and his long time band of musicians "the Truth". He is one of the few artists that draws people to hear him rather than the usual "soul" performances where singers gather crowds to hear the cool standards from the great entertainers of yesterday. Audiences are showing up in hundreds and sometimes thousands to hear what Marcell has to say through his own soul. His performances are known to be more of an experience rather just a show, ladies and gentlemen...Marcell. (Source: CD Baby)

My Opinion: Fantastic album! Love the live performances, well worth a purchase!

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